UAEJJF Competition Regulations


Athletes should make sure that all your registration information is correct from the event fighter's list.

Check your Name, Weight, Gender, Age, Belt, and Academy!

If there are any errors on your application or your name is not included on the list, changes should be made until the event registrations deadline, requests sent after the correction deadline will be ignored.

Follow these steps to change.


2. Athletes affiliation and academy registration




• Registration is 100% refundable.

• If you would like to make any changes you have till the last day of registration to request a change on your registration . Please contact [email protected] for any changes .

• The registration fee cannot be transferred to another member or championship.


  • Exemption: Athletes who get injured or are alone in their bracket are eligible to receive a full refund of the registration fee if they contact [email protected] and request to withdraw their name from the competition prior to the weigh in checking date.


Check-in is the first process whereby the fighters will do when they arrival at the tournament:

A basic summary of the Accreditation process is below:

Upon finishing your process with the CHECK IN, the fighters are allowed to follow the weight in.


Weigh IN (without GI) is the second process whereby the fighters will do when they arrive at Championship.

A basic summary of the Weigh In process is below:

  • Athletes may only weigh up and fight if they are carrying an ID (identity document) with a photograph, otherwise, the athlete will be disqualified

The official weigh in dress:

  • Players must be with minimum a non-transparent T-shirt and shorts covering up to the knees. Otherwise player can weigh in wearing kimono pants and T-shirts. Singlets and small shorts are not allowed.

Depending on the type of championship, weighting may be performed from one day before, one hour before or during the tournament (check event information schedule which one is applicable):

  • If you don’t come to the weight-in (to check weight) you will be automatically disqualified.
  • Reasonable time will be given to you, so being late will not be tolerated.
  • You have to pass the weigh-in according the deadline stipulate by the event.
  • Players will be placed in the next division available if they don't make the weight. Click here to check the divisions. Competitors over the limit 95kgs female and 120kgs male will be disqualified.


The Pre Draw will take place days before the fights begin, but the official draw can be changed any time, even after weigh in to accommodate everyone.

The draw will be carried out by random computer with the use of the UAEJJF software respecting the following category combing policy:


  • Fighters will be moved to an upper weight category, but always remaining the age division enrolled.
  • Example: Player will be moved from Master 2 blue belt -62 to Master 2 White belt -77kg, respecting a maximum of 2 weight categories, otherwise fighter can request a full refund or to move to another age group = ADULT instead of Master.
  • Fighters will be moved to a lower age group.
  • Example: From Master 2 blue belt -85 to Master 1 blue belt -85, if there are no player registered in Master 1, he will be automatically moved to Adult blue belt -85
  • The federation will merge weight categories, age group and belt divisions
  • Brown Belt with Black Belt
  • Blue Belt with Purple Belt (female Purple divisions can be merged with Brow/Black)
  • White Belt will not be merged
  • Example: Master 1 Brown Belt -110 with Master 1 Black Belt
  • Exception where points will not be counted:
  • If the bracket has only one player
  • If the bracket has only players from the same club.
  • Exception where points will be given:
  • In case there are no fighters to merge the division such Female 95kilos or Male 120Kilos, the points will be credited.
  • Players can be moved and brackets can be re-adapted to accommodate any fighter in case where there is a non showed up or disqualification even after the pre draw or brackets are generated.
  • In case where there is a non showed up or a disqualification after the pre draw or brackets are generated, where the fighter have no matches, the points will be credited.
  • Cases where belt divisions are merged, the points will be credited according to the current fighter's belt.



The type of competitions system to be applied in the competition will depend on the number of entries as follows:

  • 1 entry – no contest (or category combining / moving up fighters).
  • 2 entries – best of three contests (or category combining). If it is 2-0 then the third contest will not be fought.
  • 3 to 6 entries – round robin, pool of three (or category combining).
  • More than 6 entries – Double Elimination, runners up fight for third place. Single elimination system will be used to produce the third place.


In the case of 6 competitors or less: a round robin system produces the gold and silver and one bronze for the 3rd place.

“Round Robin” Is defined as a system where each competitor will compete against each other.

To define the winners the following criteria are used:

1. First criteria: Number of wins

2. Second criteria (in case of an equal number of wins): The highest sum of submissions will decide

3. Third criteria (in case of an equal number of wins): The highest sum of winning score points will decide.

Example: Red scored two points and one advantage and Blue scored two points and zero advantages: the advantage is defined as the winning score (1 point) for Red.

4. Fourth criteria (in case of equal number of wins and sum of winning score points): Direct comparison.

If two contestants have equal number of wins and sum of score point, the contestant who won the contest between them is defined as better

5. Fifth criteria (in case of equal number of wins and no direct comparison possible because of “beating in circle”): The shortest accumulated time of all winning contests will decide

6. Sixth criteria (in case of equal time): Weight at the weigh-in. The competitor with the lower weight is defined as better.

7. Seventh criteria (in case of same weight): Decision matches. A knock-out system between the involved players will be used. A new draw has to be performed.


  • The players must wear Kimono to receive their medals in the podium, not allowed:
  • shoes
  • hats
  • earphones
  • club or sponsors’ t-shirts
  • teams flags (only country’s flag)
  • or another kind of advertise
  • If there are three players, they will receive their medals but there's no prize money.
  • The division must have no less than 3 athletes from different academies to receive the prizes/medals (in others case the division runs normally, but there is no prize).
  • In special cases if there are only two players, they will receive their medals but there is no prize money.
  • Specific rules for UAE Nationality: Click Here