UAEJJF Seats quotas


The Top Continental Rank fighters of UAEJJF will win seats (Travel Packages) to Abu Dhabi World Pro 2018 as follow:


  • 8 | Black Adult MALE
  • 2 | Brown-Black FEMALE
  • 4 | Black Master 1 MALE
  • 6 | Brown Adult MALE
  • 6 | Purple Adult MALE
  • 4 | Purple Adult FEMALE


  • 10 | Black Adult MALE
  • 4 | Brown-Black FEMALE
  • 4 | Black Master 1 MALE
  • 6 | Brown Adult MALE
  • 4 | Purple Adult MALE
  • 2 | Purple Adult FEMALE


  • 10 | Black Adult MALE
  • 4 | Brown-Black FEMALE
  • 6 | Black Master 1 MALE
  • 6 | Brown Adult MALE
  • 4 | Purple Adult MALE
  • 2 | Purple Adult FEMALE


  • 12 | Black Adult MAL
  • 4 | Brown-Black FEMALE
  • 6 | Black Master 1 MALE
  • 6 | Brown Adult MALE
  • 4 | Purple Adult MALE
  • 2 | Purple Adult FEMALE


  • 2 | Black Adult MALE
  • 2 | Brown-Black FEMALE
  • 2 | Black Master 1 MALE
  • 2 | Brown Adult MALE
  • 2 | Purple Adult MALE
  • 2 | Purple Adult FEMALE


  • 1 | Black Adult MALE
  • 1 | Brown-Black FEMALE
  • 1 | Black Master 1 MALE
  • 3 | Brown Adult MALE
  • 3 | Purple Adult MALE
  • 3 | Purple Adult FEMALE


2. TOTAL NUMBER OF SEATS - TRAVEL PACKAGES to abu dhabi world pro 2018

  • Note that number of seats (travel packages) is set by most active federations, countries and regions.
  • Official Country Seats Quotas (Travel Packages) will be based and awarded on the ranking list of Monday, March 12, 2018



*Regardless travel package winner the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2018 is open entry to all fighters from all nationalities.



  1. Seeding for Main Brackets for 2018 Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship in April.
  2. Flight tickets from International Main Airport directly to Abu Dhabi or Dubai Airport (internal flights should be arranged by athlete)
  3. Event Fee Registration
  4. Visa
  5. Transportation
  6. Accommodation
  7. Meals
  8. Welcome Guide
  9. 2018 Abu Dhabi World Pro Competitor T-shirt

*For during championship days only (no exceptions)



  • Number of expect seats for ADWPJJC 2018 fighters: 200 athletes' travel packages from over 60 Countries
  • These seats are set by UAEJJF, according to total number of championship and hosting countries.
  • If fighter is not interested, seats are used for the next fighter in the ranking.
  • UAEJJF offers seats to the best fighters in the CONTINENTAL RANKING through the UAEJJF Championships and their UAEJJF Ranking points. So, this is necessarily the winner of these Championships in the Abu Dhabi World Pro Qualifying Series.
  • The seats are personal and non-transferable. Forfeited seats are redistributed to UAEJJF members.

Quotas are set automatically according to the below:

  1. The Top Adult Male and Female Black, Brown, Purple Belt and Master 1 Black Belt of each continent will be invited through the UAEJJF World Ranking to World Pro 2018.
  2. Travel Packages will be offered for all countries’ fighters with a ranking minimum > 80 points
  3. Max of 2 fighters per country for each awarded division according the Continent Quota.

Example: If there are 4 fighters from the same country in the Continental Black Belt Rank, only the top 2 fighters from the same country will be invited (2 fighters will be disregard), followed by the next top 2 fighter from different countries.

* World Pro is open to all, regardless if you win travel package, the remaining fighter from ranking can compete in the World Pro.



  1. The Winners package includes a flight from the main airports to Abu Dhabi. (Internal Flights should be arranged by athletes).
  2. Winner’s packages include accommodation, meals, transportation and visa for tournament days only.
  3. The winner’s details have to be in the UAEJJF System (membership) through otherwise the package will be canceled or give to the second in the rank. The seat winners have to keep the following personal information updated:
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Passport copy (expire date no less than 6 months onwards from April)
    • Passport Photo (3x4 with white background for visa)
    • Home address
  4. The winner’s details have to be in the UAEJJF System (membership details).
  5. The Package Prize will be change to second place in any case of lack of documentation, problems, injuries, etc.
  6. Passport and Photos for the visa have to be in good quality and resolution in the UAEJJF System.
  7. No changes, extends or upgrades on the tickets and visas will be made by UAEJJF.
  8. Tickets from the Country Main Aiport Only to UAE (no internal flights).
  9. Seats (Travel Package) will be valid only for citizenship (passport holders) which shows in the membership.
  10. Winner's package must fight in World Pro in the same age division who has been qualified through the Rank.


6. For what else is the ranking used for by the UAEJJF?

  1. The UAEJJF will use the ranking to decide your position on the bracket of the ADWPJJC.
  2. The top athletes among the entered athletes in each weight category will be placed per their UAEJJF World Rank position.



  1. After each event fighters are awarded points based on their respective placing and the better they perform, the more points they get.
    • For example, on the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam (ADGS), first place gets 200 points, second place gets 160 points and so on. These points are added together to create the UAEJJF World Rank.
  2. At the end of the year, the male and female fighters at the top of the Rankings will be invited to the Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship through the Continental Ranking Quota.
  3. Ranking seeding will be used for Women and Men's Brown and Black division Championship Qualification Process for the next event Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2018

The Abu Dhabi World Pro Qualification Top 200 will be comprised of:

  • Top 150 fighters ranked according 2 country per belt quotes on the year-end of each Continental Ranking
  • Top 10 Black Belt winners fighters on the previous year-end Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship 2107 ( if applicable or necessary )
  • UAEJJF wildcards ( if applicable or necessary )
  • Parajiu-Jitsu ( if applicable or necessary )

Point breakdowns for all UAEJJF Events are as shown in Ranking Below:

Such points are gathered throughout the Season 2017-2018 and will contribute to the Jiu-Jitsu fighters’ ranking and seeding benefits in accordance with Event Information.


* For more information about the ranking CLICK HERE>>


In case of equality of total RANK points, the higher ranking will be decided by:

1. The highest sum of the current points from World Pro.

2. The highest sum of the current points from all Grand Slams.

3. The highest sum of the current points from all Continental Pro, followed by National Pro, International Pro, Regional Championships.

6. The highest current points from one single event, then, if needed, the second highest, and so on.

7. If the competitors are still equal the decision will be taken by the number of matches done by the fighter through the season, followed by the fastest submission(s) or who made more points during the matches in case of World Pro Qualification.

8. If a fighter changes nationality during Season Qualification period he/she loses all points in the UAEJJF World Rank and has to start with 0.