March 19, 2023

On the last day of the AJP Tour Abu Dhabi International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2023, the top-tiered athletes put their best moves and techniques to the test in front of a rowdy crowd at the Mubadala Arena, in Abu Dhabi.

For this Sunday, March 19th, the professional male black belts and the female brown/black belt athletes sprung into action, gifting a true spectacle to those who watched it live at YouTube.com/UAEJJF or the even luckier ones who managed to land a seat at the arena.

Check out below the highlights of the last day of the event, and for the complete results click here!MEN'S GI / BLACK / PROFESSIONAL

69kg: Khaled Alshehhi vs. Sultan Alowais

An exciting contest between UAE athletes Khaled Alshehhi and Sultan Alowais. Khaled had a headstart in the best-of-three match, winning the first duel 8-7. Sultan got his payback and won the second match 9-8. It was then that Khaled's star shined even brighter, and the Al Ain Jiu-Jitsu Club black belt landed a 5-4 to take the title.

77kg: Adriano Araujo vs. Ali Monfaradi

Adriano started the fight pulling half guard. After spending a few minutes adjusting himself, Ali tried to pass guard, but Adriano spun and swept, landing on top with a score of 2-1. Ali made his move by going up with the single-leg, but Adriano avoided the fall and scored yet another point. The fight went to the 50/50 guard and Ali managed to rise once more with a single-leg, but Adriano's technique allowed him to once again avoid the takedown, holding the score at 3-2.

88kg: Uanderson Ferreira vs. Welton Elias

Uanderson Ferreira shined once again on the Mubadala Arena mats. In a duel against fellow countrymen Welton Dias, the best-of-three dispute ended with two submissions for Uanderson, with the second one landed in just 10 seconds of the fight by jumping in a flying triangle that ended in a tight armbar.

94kg: Igor Sousa vs. Renato Cardoso

After a balanced duel in regulation time, in which Renato applied his dangerous guard while Igor tried to pass, the division champion was only decided in the very last seconds of the Golden Score. Igor pulled guard and, at the end of the fight, used a single-leg against Renato, scoring two points from the takedown and landing the victory.

120kg: Tacio Carneiro vs. Vandre Barbosa

While Vandre started the fight playing guard, Tacio applied pressure to pass and ended on top, putting the score at 1-0. Vandre then defended with a turtle position, brought the fight to a standup match, and knocked Tacio down with a tornado throw, but didn't stabilize in the position, tying the score. Tacio then went all out with the takedown attempts and, when Vandre pulled him, Tacio once again put pressure to pass, landing his opponent at the turtle position and taking the gold by a score of 2-1.


49kg: Isabela Couto vs. Wadima Alyafei

Isabela Couto was the champion in the 49kg division, beating Wadima Alyafei twice by submission in a best-of-three dispute to take the gold for the Palms Sports team.

55kg: Diana Teixeira vs. Vanderlucia Lima

Diana Thais had a bad start in her best-of-three against Vanderlucia Lima, who won the first duel by a score of 2-1. Diana bounced back by winning the second bout 6-2, and the decisive third by submission.

62kg: Dayane Bazzoni vs. Luana de Souza

In a lively bracket, with six athletes, Dayane Bazzoni came out on top. With one victory by decision and another via submission, the Brazilian reached the final, where she beat Luana de Souza to earn her spot on the top of the podium.

95kg: Victoria Oliveira vs Marcelle Cantanhede

Two wins by points earned the gold medal for Victoria Oliveira. In the semi-final, Victoria defeated Stephany Helen with a 6-5 score. In the final bout, Victoria beat Marcelle Cantanhede by 4-0.