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05 Apr - 16 May 23:59
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Nad Al Sheba

Jiu Jitsu Championship Regulations

Nad Al Sheba Sports Tournament 2018

General Conditions:

1. The Jiu Jitsu Championship will be held on 01/06/2018.

2. UAE citizens and residents, as well as players from other countries, can participate in the Championship according to the competitions stated below.

3. Players wishing to participate are required to be medically fit on their own responsibility and sign an undertaking to this effect.

4. The Tournament’s Technical Committee has the right to implement such procedures and resolutions as required to ensure the proper organization of the Championship, including amending the fight schedule.

Special Conditions:

1. Participants can only participate in the category in which they registered.

2. Player weight checking starts at 4:00 PM and ends at 6:00 PM.

3. Player weight checking takes place while players wear their uniforms.

4. The Organizing Committee has the right to cancel any weight category if the number of participants in such category was less than three.

5. Fight mats are 7 and the area of each is 8x8 meters.

6. The “Latest Issue” of Jiu Jitsu International Federation’s Law shall apply to refereeing and managing all Championship matches, except as otherwise stipulated in these Regulations.

Championship Categories:

1. Adults (under 30 years):

• Blue/ purple belt: -62 KG, -77 KG, -94 KG, -110 KG.

• Brown/ black belt: -62 KG, -77 KG, -94 KG, -110 KG.

2. Masters (over 30 years):

• Blue/ purple belt: -62 KG, -77 KG, -94 KG, -110 KG.

• Brown/ black belt: -62 KG, -77 KG, -94 KG, -110 KG.

3. Women:

• Blue/ purple belt: -55 KG, -62 KG, -70 KG, -90 KG.

• Brown/ black belt: -55 KG, -62 KG, -70 KG, -90 KG.

4. Juveniles (male):

• Blue belt: -50 KG, -60 KG, -73 KG, -81 KG, -94 KG.

5. Juveniles (female):

• Blue belt: -44 KG, -52 KG, -63 KG, -70 KG, -94 KG.

Competitions System:

1. Competition draw is managed as per the elimination system adopted in international pro championships.

Championship Venue and Date:

1. The Championship takes place on Friday, 01/06/2018.

2. Venue: Nad Al Sheba Sports Complex.

3. Competitions kick-off at 9:00 PM.

4. Players shall be present in the calling room at least (45) minutes before the matches in order to check their cards and uniforms.

Results and Prizes:

1. In the first stage, competitions will be held according to single-round league system. In the second stage, competitions will be held in single-time elimination system.

2. Players holding the top three positions in each category will receive (gold, silver and bronze medals.

3. Cash awards will be given to the top three winners in each category.


1. Registration for participation in the Championship starts on April 29, 2018.

2. Registration ends on 29/05/2018.

3. Clubs/ academies are required to register their players via the following link:

4. Participants are required to bring their original Emirates IDs if they were UAE residents, or their passports if they were coming from other countries.

5. After registration closure, participants will not be allowed to change competition categories.

6. Participants are required to sign the physical and medical fitness acknowledgment, accept participation conditions and observe the Tournament’s regulations.

7. For inquiries regarding registration in the Jiu Jitsu Championship, please contact us at:

• Email: [email protected]


1. Complaining against the results or claiming wrong implementation of law provisions is possible only in the case of violation on the player’s part.

2. Complaints will be rejected in form unless the amount of AED 300 was enclosed with the complaints; such amount will be refunded if the complaint was accepted, or given to the Organizing Committee if the complaint was rejected.

3. Only the Technical Committee is qualified to interpret and construct the regulations, laws and systems and take appropriate resolutions; in all events, the Committee’s resolutions are final.     



  • Juvenile Gi Male 0 USD
  • Juvenile Gi Female 0 USD
  • Male Gi 0 USD
  • Female Gi 0 USD

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