Senec, Slovakia

Lichnerova 644/46, Senec, Slovakia

Person in charge
Martina Sitarova

About Clube De Jiu Jitsu Pitbull
Clube de Jiu Jitsu Pitbull Slovakia is dedicated to improving your life, on and off the mat. Head instructor: @majosurka Located: Sport Club Best Fitness, Lichnerova 644/44, 903 01 SC, SK Our mission is to work to create a supportive and motivating sports environment in order to achieve excellent standards and global competitiveness in Jiu-Jitsu sports. The BEST FITNESS SENEC SPORTS CLUB with the support and under the leadership of the founding members is founded in July 2017 as the official sports club of the Slovak Republic, registered in the registers of the MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR OF THE SR, reg. number VVS / 1-900 / 90-51542. In addition to the sporting spirit, it is necessary to meet the conditions of Act no. 440/2015 Coll. on sport and on the amendment of certain laws that the club complies with. Follow us: Instagram: @jiujitsusenec Facebook: You will find current information, updates, and short videos of our work on the website. The club plays a leading role in supporting Jiu-Jitsu and contributes to building a strong generation of BJJ athletes who excel locally and internationally. The role of the club is to implement practices that develop the sport in cooperation with various entities, educational institutions and other partners in order to develop the sport at the local, regional and global levels. MISSION: "Work to create a supportive and motivating sports environment to achieve excellence and global competitiveness in Jiu-Jitsu sports." VALUES: ŠK BEST FITNESS SENEC Jiu-Jitsu strives to promote the following values: Loyalty - evokes a sense of loyalty and belonging among players who believe in their country and protect its achievements. Self-confidence - Building strong citizens who know how to defend themselves, their families and the community. Professionalism - qualification of professional players. Ongoing development - We work to develop our performance and resources in a highly professional manner. Teamwork - we are aware of the importance of cooperation, sharing and exchange of knowledge and expertise. Recognition of success - We value success through motivation at all levels of expertise. Sports Behavior - We recognize the importance of respecting and adhering to the rules of the game. Jiu-Jitsu Sports has become one of the most popular martial arts in many countries and one of the most visited sporting events locally and globally. Its popularity is enhanced by the fact that it is suitable for all ages, both men and women. In addition, it has many physical, mental, emotional and social benefits. SPORTS CLUB is dedicated to building bridges of cooperation with all segments of society, city and state entities as well as the private sector. As part of our social responsibility, we encourage interaction on social issues to promote quality, honest work and sportsmanship.

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Martin Sitar Manager
Martina Sitarova Manager