In engaging the UAE Anti-Doping Agency (UAE-NADO) to provide a comprehensive anti-doping program for the UAE Jiu Jitsu Federation Championships, UAEJJF has taken the important step to externalize the full anti-doping process to an independent organization to provide a gold standard program. In order to ensure complete independence and provide the highest level of protection for the rights of clean athletes, UAE-NADO is wholly responsible for the collection of samples, sample analysis, sample results management, and, when necessary, the adjudication of any positive test results from the tests executed during the UAEJJF Championships.

Given UAE-NADO internationally recognized expertise in anti-doping, UAEJJF has agreed to adhere to UAE-NADO’s sanctions and deadlines, as they are the independent anti-doping authority. If an athlete is found to have a positive test, UAE-NADO directly informs UAEJJF and the athlete about the positive result. UAE-NADO handles the adjudication process for any positive test, in accordance with the rules, which provide full due process for the athlete.

During the adjudication process, the athlete is informed by UAE-NADO that s/he may not compete in UAEJJF events while the case is pending, and the UAEJJF upholds that restriction, in order to avoid any other title from being challenged.

Due to UAEJJF’s agreement with UAE-NADO, UAEJJF cannot comment about the case while the matter is pending, and the first public announcement about any case will be provided by UAE-NADO. UAEJJF is informed of the final resolution for the case on the same day in which the official news.

UAEJJF recognizes the importance of clean competition, and has taken an unusually proactive stance in implementing an anti-doping program on behalf of clean athletes and the integrity of our sport, which includes adherence to the WADA Prohibited List

The UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation (UAEJJF) is opposed to the practice of doping in sport, on ethical and medical grounds, and fully supports the position of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) against the use of banned substances and methods.

The use, possession and/or trafficking of banned substances, methods, or the encouragement or counseling to use banned substances, or methods, and/or taking measures to mask the use of banned substances, or methods by any participant in competitions over which the UAEJJF has jurisdiction is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The UAEJJF has adopted WADA’s anti-doping policies and procedures in order to ensure a clean, healthy and fair sporting atmosphere for all athletes.

The rules and regulations of UAEJJF’s Anti-doping Policy aim to:

– Promote UAE Jiu-Jitsu as a drug-free sport; – Uphold and preserve the ethics of Sport; – Ensure that all athletes have an opportunity to compete equally; – Safeguard the physical health and mental integrity of the athletes; – Encourage Affiliate Federations to execute similar regulations with their athletes.

The purpose of this page is to communicate the UAEJJF’s support of WADA and to provide the necessary information to our athletes.

Educational Information:

Athlete Guide – an overview of general anti-doping information

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

WADA Prohibited List

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