The UAEJJF Rankings are defined by United Arab Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation and divided by:

  • Event Level
    • World Pro
    • Grand Slams
    • Continental Pro
    • National Pro
    • International Pro
    • Regional
  • Gender
    • Boys and Girls
    • Male and Female
  • Age Group
  • Belt Divisions
  • Academy
    • National (UAE)
    • International (Worldwide)
  • Countries
  • World Rankings and National Rankings


UAEJJF WORLD RANK               Best of the Season

Examples of how to count points:

  • 3rd Place 85 kilos Orlando International Pro 2017 (2 stars) = 30 points
  • 2nd Place 94 kilos Brazil National Pro 2018 (3 Stars) = 80 points
  • Event Participation in any Continental Pro 2017-2018 (4 stars) = 6 points
  • 1st place 110 kilos Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, LONDON 2018 (5 Stars) = 200 points
  • 2nd Place 77 kilos weight category in the Abu Dhabi World PRO 2018 = 320 points

Player scored in the season 2017-2018 = 636 points


These points are added together to create the UAEJJF World Rankings for Youth, Professionals, Masters and ParaJiu-Jitsu.


The top fighters of UAEJJF World Rank will win Travel Packages to Abu Dhabi World Pro

The top Adult Male and Female Black, Brown and Purple Belt and the top Master 1 Male Black Belt of each continent will be invited through the UAEJJF World Rank to Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2018.

* Check terms and conditions

** World Pro is open to all, regardless the travel package winners.


At the end of the year season, the male and female fighters at the top of the Rankings will become the Best of the Season Champions.


* Prizes awarded at ABU DHABI WORLD AWARDS according to the UAEJJF World Rank from May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018.

The year-end UAEJJF Ranking is based on calculating, the total points for each player from: the one (1) Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship, five (5) Abu Dhabi Grand Slams Tour, six (6) Continental Pro Championships, thirty (30) National Pro Championships and thirty (30) International Pro Championships of the ranking period.



1. The UAEJJF Ranking is the mathematical method of ranking men and women on a calendar-year basis.

2. The UAEJJF Ranking is the objective merit-based method used for determining qualification for fighters' entries and seeding in all championships.

3. The UAEJJF Ranking are run approximately 60 times per year (only GI championships). *NO GI championships counts points for World NO GI Ranking.

4. Every fighter who has earned UAEJJF Ranking points in an eligible UAEJJF professional or regional championship during the entry ranking period is included in the UAEJJF Rankings.

5. Fighters may not change team academy during the season, due the Academy Ranking System.



  • Fighters alone in a bracket will NOT have ranking points credited. Fighter will be moved for an upper divisions.
  • Divisions with 2 (two) players will run normally, Fighters won't be moved to next division.
  • Cases where belts divisions are merged, the points will be credited according to the current fighter's belt.
  • Only fighters above the weight registered will be placed on next division.
  • Ranking points will not be transferred from one belt rank to the next one.
  • Raking points will not be transferred from one age division to another.